Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Gearing up for release of Deluxe Version!

Hi TC peeps,

In answer to many of your queries, Tweek City is currently available on DVD or by download just about everywhere - Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon...even YouTube.

Unfortunately, the version currently available has been censored by the distributor which deeply diminishes the experience. I'm working on getting the uncensored version available by download, I'll let you know how that goes but one thing's for sure...

I'm organizing the extras and authoring a deluxe uncensored DVD version of Tweek City that should be ready late this year.

To celebrate the release of the deluxe version, Tweek City will have it's first theatrical screening in three years! The screening will also include the world premiere of the short film Temp City and a launch party! Everyone who buys a ticket to the screening and after party will get a free copy of the Deluxe DVD!!

This deluxe DVD will include:

- The complete uncensored film
- The short film, Temp City
- Deleted Scenes
- A short documentary on the making of Tweek City
- Director's commentary
- Stills from the shoot
- 5.1 Sound Mix

Thanks for becoming a fan of Tweek City!



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