Monday, March 13, 2006

Tweek City Press Kit: White Trash, Deano and Jerm

Jerm is personified by the music he embraces. Many people stepped up with great music that ended up on the Tweek City soundtrack but only Jerm’s favorite bands were specifically included at the screenplay stage.

White Trash Debutantes

Jerm’s stage dive has always been a key scene in Tweek City and when I wrote that scene over 10 years ago, I wrote it with one San Francisco punk band foremost in my mind – the White Trash Debutantes. The White Trash Debutantes are unique in many ways, not the least of which is their famously irreverent transgender lead singer, Ginger Coyote.

When I started putting the film together, I immediately began my search for White Trash. Imagine my surprise when I found out Ginger lived about a mile away from my Hollywood flat and the Debutantes were still active. I approached WTD after a gig at Al’s Bar in downtown and they were totally game to perform in the movie.

Once cast, Ginger began promoting Tweek City to all her friends in the San Francisco/Oakland area. Her contacts stepped up with key locations, additional music and also showed up as extras throughout the film.

Dean Friedman

Sometime back in the 70s, when Jerm was still a boy, he heard the cheesy genius of a Dean Friedman song and started singing along. When Jerm grew up, he found that everyone was too cool for Deano. That made Jerm angry.

When Giuseppe and Keith arrived in SF, the first thing I did was play them the collected works of Dean Friedman. Within minutes, I had two more converts. They were bound throughout the shoot, not unlike their characters, through Deano classics like Ariel, Marginal Middle Class and McDonald’s Girl. There is nothing so pure as the pathos of a Deano song.


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