Sunday, March 05, 2006

Tweek City Press Kit: Making the Movie

The third post lifted directly from my press kit...

In 2001, after exploiting the dotcom bubble for a very tiny fortune, I formed Tweek City LLC. I wrangled a couple of additional investors (all blood relatives) and in February 2002 moved to Oakland with about three phone numbers and enough change to shoot half a movie.

I made cold calls by the hundreds and started assembling my crew from a city full of strangers. Early on, I was fortunate to find bay area film veteran, Frank Simeone. Frank was my guardian angel. Every time I hit a wall, Frank was there with helpful advice and another lead. One person I found through Frank was Gabriela Maltz Larkin who helped me with locations, extras and ultimately turned in a wonderful performance as Bill’s mother. Another person Frank helped me find was Barry Stone, my director of photography.

While I found many cool people and crew members, I couldn’t find a line producer willing to take on a micro-budget film with big budget aspirations –35 speaking roles (including SAG actors cast out of L.A.) and 50 locations in 20 shooting days. Just when my search for a line producer was getting desperate, I met Caitlin Maynard, the only person with both the experience and optimism necessary to take on Tweek City.

I had also found two more key people, Brad Marshland, one of the best AD’s around and Barry. Brad is a supreme scheduler and immediately began hammering out the impossible task set before him. Barry is one of the most experienced DPs in the bay area and instantly legitimized the entire enterprise. With the core team on board, preproduction finally moved into the next gear.


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