Wednesday, February 01, 2006

An attempt at daily blogging.

I've been thinking, and it seems to me that the best way to convey what it takes to make a film is to share with you what I do each day. Adding this blog to the list of things might not be the best idea but I'll just look at it as public journal. Strike that, actually a private journal seeing as no one even knows this blog exists.

First off, I have a day job. I'll leave it at that since it seems every jackass with a blog is getting fired these days. In any case, the job is not overly taxing except for the fact that I have to be there every day, five days a week. Now when I made this film, I managed to save enough money so that I could work exclusively on Tweek City. In a perfect world I would have taken a year to make the film, premiered it at Sundance and then wallowed in my glory.

Well, the world isn't perfect.

Pre-production grew from three months, to six, to nine. The shoot itself was over before I knew it, but then post-production proceeded to bitch slap me for over TWO YEARS. Needless to say, about a year into post-production, I had to get a job.

Two years later, the film has premiered (not at Sundance, more on that in a later blog entry), garnered some good press, but it has yet to find distribution. Now it is up to me to do whatever it takes, during my lunch hour, after work and on weekends to get this film out to an audience. The other balls I juggle include a laughably large debt (actually I just dropped that ball), the development of my "next project" and all the other various sundry things that come up in the course of a week.

Hopefully this isn't reading like a woe-is-me kinda thing, I really don't give a shit about credit card companies, particularly since they've taken the opportunity that deregulation has given them to blatantly screw the consumer at every turn. Fuck'm. And promoting the film as well as working on my next project are both fun (not raging-at-an-X-show-fun, but fun). My job is even pretty cool. What I'm trying to illustrate however, is that if you feel like making a movie on your own, you better be a tenacious and hardworking motherfucker. And you better not be concerned about cashing in your trust fund, your IRAs, your 401ks or whatever else you cling to for security. The fact is, it will all be gone.

That said, on this particular night, I stayed at work and started figuring out the labarynth they call MySpace. The first thing you notice on MySpace is that everyone else has a cooler profile than you do. I am not a computer guy so this bummed me out. I don't know if I've told you this but I don't have any money, so hiring someone to fix up a community website is out of the question. So tonight I rolled up my sleeves and learned a little something about MySpace. I found a free background and learned a couple of basic html tags so that "my interests" didn't read like the first chapter of The Sound and the Fury. Next, I started trolling for friends of mine that were already on MySpace and started inviting them to my site. I randomly found a couple people who had Giuseppe in their profiles and invited them to be my friends. By the end of the night I had 15 friends! Only 10,000 more to go...

By the way, you can find my handiwork HERE at


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